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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Scandium | Properties | Uses | Facts

Properties Uses and Facts about Scandium

    What is Scandium

    Scandium metal is classified as a transition metal, and chemically scandium is an element. Scandium is found in the solid state at room temperature, with a melting point of 1541 °C (2806 °F) and a boiling point of 2836 °C (5137 °F). Scandium has a density of 2.99 grams per cubic centimeter. Scandium has an atomic mass of 44.9559 AMU, atomic number 21, and symbol (Sc), Its atom has 21 electrons, 21 protons, 24 neutrons and 4 energy levels. In the Periodic Table, Scandium is located in Group 3, Period 4 and Block (D). 

    Scandium was discovered by the Swedish chemist Lars Fredrik Nilsson in 1879.

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    Properties of Scandium

    • Scandium is a silvery-white lustrous metal.
    • When exposed to air, a pale yellow-pink coating forms on the surface of scandium.
    • Scandium metal does not react with oxygen.
    • Scandium metal has very good corrosion resistance.
    • Scandium metal can be easily ignited, it is an inflammable metal.
    • Scandium metal is light and soft metal like aluminum metal, but its melting point is much higher than aluminum.
    • Scandium metal produces hydrogen gas when it comes in contact with water.
    • Scandium metal dissolves in many acids.
    • Scandium is a good conductor of electricity and heat.

    Uses of Scandium 

    • Scandium is a very precious metal, so it is too expensive for widespread use, so it is mostly used for research and development.
    • Scandium and aluminum alloys have been used in Russia's MiG fighter jets.
    • Scandium aluminum alloys are used to make some sports equipment such as high-end bicycle frames, golf clubs, and baseball bats.
    • In some bulbs, scandium iodite is used along with mercury vapor to obtain sunlight-like light.
    • Scandium-46, a radioactive isotope of scandium, is used as a tracer in oil refining, and is also used to detect leaks in underground pipelines.

    Interesting Facts about Scandium metal

    • Scandium is a rare metal, it is produced in very small quantities, so its price is several times higher than that of gold. It is one of the most precious elements found on earth.
    • Only 15-20 tonnes of scandium metal are produced annually in the whole world.
    • Scandium metal is obtained as a by-product during the mining of tantalum metal.
    • Scandium is found in far greater quantities in stars than on Earth.
    • Many compounds of scandium are toxic and carcinogenic.

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