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Friday, February 24, 2023

Silver | Properties | Uses | Other Details

Silver Properties Uses and Other Details

    What is Silver

    Silver is a metal. It is an element in chemical form. Silver is a shiny and soft metal of white color, its chemical symbol is Ag. Its atomic weight is 107.868 and its atomic number is 47. Its atom contains 47 electrons, 47 protons and 61 neutrons. The density of silver is 10.5 grams per cubic centimeter. Silver is a solid at room temperature, and it melts at 961.8 °C and boils at 2162 °C.

    Silver has been used for thousands of years, so who discovered silver is unknown.
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    Silver Properties Uses and Other Details

    Properties of Silver

    • Silver is a very rare metal, so it is also very valuable. The availability of silver in the earth is 0.075 PPM (Parts Per Million), that is, 0.075 particles are of silver in 1 million particles of the earth. Similarly, the availability of gold in the earth is 0.004 PPM (Parts Per Million), due to which gold is much more valuable than silver because it is more rare than silver.
    • Silver is the best conductor of electricity. But it is very expensive, so copper is used instead of silver in electrical equipment. Copper is also a very good conductor of electricity, but the electrical conductivity of copper is less than that of silver.
    • Silver is the best thermal conductor metal.
    • Silver is very soft and malleable metal, due to which very thin sheet can be made by beating silver. Because of this quality of silver, silver foils are made by beating silver.
    • The property of tensile is found in silver, due to which very thin wire can be made without breaking silver by stretching it.
    • The reaction of water and carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in silver causes rust, which is black in color.
    • Anti bacterial properties are found in silver.
    • Silver has the highest ability to reflect light among all metals.

    Uses of Silver

    • Silver is used to make solar panels, a 1.8 square meter solar panel contains about 20 grams of silver. According to an estimate, in the year 2018, 8% of the world's silver production was used in solar panel manufacturing.
    • Silver is also used in food preservation, silver has the ability to fight germs and bacteria. That's why Silver Ion technology is used in today's refrigerators, due to which the fruits, vegetables and other food items kept in the refrigerator do not spoil and remain fresh for many days.
    • Silver ion technology is used in oyster production to protect oysters from bacteria and fungus.
    • Silver has anti-bacterial properties, after coming in contact with silver, bacteria stop growing and get destroyed. That's why silver is also used in making wound healing ointment, so that bacteria do not spread in the wound and there is no infection in the wound and the wound heals quickly.
    • In Ayurveda medicine, silver ashes are made and used in the treatment of many diseases.
    • Silver is the best conductor of electricity, so it is used in making printed circuit boards of computers, mobiles etc. Apart from this, silver is also used in making electronic switches, television screens and batteries.
    • Silver is one of the few metals which can be consumed in some quantity and it does not cause any harm to our body. That's why a thin layer of silver is made by beating silver, which is called silver foil. In India, sweets are decorated with silver foil, and it is used in food.
    • Silver has the highest ability to reflect light, so it is used in making mirrors. For this, a thin layer of silver is plated on one side of the ordinary transparent glass, which reflects the light and we can see our face in the mirror.
    • Silver is also used to make medals and trophies for the winners of various competitions like Olympics etc.
    • Silver is also used in water filtration.
    • Silver is used in making artificial rain, which is also called cloud seeding. Silver Iodide or calcium chloride is used to produce artificial rain. Silver Iodide or Calcium Chloride is sprayed from the airoplane over the moisture filled clouds to cause artificial rain. These substances attract the moisture of the clouds towards themselves, due to which the moisture of the clouds collects and takes the form of big drops and these drops being heavy fall down, and it rains.
    • Silver has been used to make jewelry since ancient times.
    • Silver is also used to make precious utensils, silver utensils are considered a symbol of prestige, and eating in silver utensils also has special health benefits.
    • Silver is also used in making coins, in ancient times silver was used as currency.
    • Silver is also used to make idols of gods and goddesses.

    Silver production

    Most silver is produced in the world in the country of Mexico. Silver production is very less in India. The maximum silver production in India is in Jawar mine located in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. About 87% of India's total silver production is received from here, apart from Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Jharkhand are also major silver producing states.

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