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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Beryllium | Properties | Uses | Facts

Properties Uses and Facts about Beryllium

    What is Beryllium

    Beryllium is classified as an alkaline earth metal, and chemically it is an element. Beryllium is a silver-grey metal with a density of 1.85 grams per cubic centimeter. Beryllium has the symbol (Be), atomic number 4 and atomic mass 9.012 amu. An atom of beryllium has 4 electrons, 4 protons, 5 neutrons and 2 energy levels. In the Periodic Table, Beryllium is located in Group 2, Period 2 and Block (S). Beryllium is found in the solid state at room temperature, with a melting point  of 1287 °C (2349 °F) and a boiling point of 2471 °C (4480 °F).

    Beryllium was discovered by the French chemist Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin in 1798.
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    Properties of Beryllium

    • Beryllium is a silver-grey colored metal.
    • Beryllium is a soft and brittle metal.
    • Beryllium is transparent to X-ray rays, that is, X-ray rays pass through beryllium without any obstruction.
    • Beryllium is a non-magnetic metal.
    • Beryllium is a very good conductor of electricity and heat
    • By adding beryllium metal to metals like copper and nickel, their electrical and thermal conductivity increases.
    • Beryllium is an anti-rust metal. When exposed to oxygen, beryllium forms a thin layer of oxide, which protects it from rusting and environmental damage.
    • Of all the light metals, beryllium has the highest melting point.
    • Pure beryllium and many of its compounds are extremely toxic to living organisms, so beryllium metal is used with great care.

    Uses of Beryllium

    • Beryllium is used to make tubes and windows of X-ray machines.
    • An alloy of beryllium and copper called beryllium bronze is used to make gyroscopes.
    • About 2% beryllium is added to copper, this alloy has the same electrical and thermal conductivity as pure copper, but its strength, hardness, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance are much higher than pure copper. This alloy is used in aerospace applications, radar, aircraft landing systems, automobiles, oil and gas drilling equipment, and heavy machinery.
    • Beryllium and nickel alloys are used in making spot welding electrodes and non sparking equipment.
    • Beryllium is used in missiles, high-speed aircraft, spacecraft and communication satellites.
    • Beryllium is used as a neutron reflector in nuclear reactors.
    • Beryllium is used in the manufacture of computers and mobile devices.

    Interesting Facts about Beryllium

    • Beryllium oxide (BeO) is a very good electrical insulator and heat conductor.
    • Beryllium is extremely toxic and carcinogenic to humans, excessive exposure to beryllium or breathing in its dust and fumes can cause incurable inflammation of the lungs, called berylliosis.
    • Beryllium and some of its compounds are sweet in taste but toxic, so beryllium was once known as glucinum, which means sweet.

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