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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Yttrium | Properties | Uses | and Facts

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    What is Yttrium

    Yttrium metal is classified as a transition metal, and chemically yttrium is an element. The density of yttrium is 4.47 grams per cubic centimeter. The atomic weight of yttrium is 88.9058 AMU, atomic number 39, and its symbol (Y). In the periodic table, yttrium is located in group 3, period 5, and block (D). Its atom has 39 electrons, 39 protons, 50 neutrons and 5 energy levels. Yttrium is found in the solid state at room temperature, with a melting point of 1522 °C (2772 °F) and a boiling point of 3345 °C (6053 °F).

    Yttrium was discovered by Johan Gadolin in 1794.

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    Properties of Yttrium

    • Yttrium is a shiny silver colored metal.
    • Yttrium is a soft metal.
    • When exposed to air, yttrium metal forms a layer of oxide that protects it and prevents it from rusting.
    • Yttrium metal produces hydrogen gas when it comes in contact with water, the reaction is slow in cold water while the reaction is rapid in hot water.
    • Yttrium is very stable in air, while it oxidizes rapidly when heated.
    • Yttrium metal begins to burn when heated to temperatures above 400 °C in air.
    • Yttrium powder reacts explosively in air at high temperatures.

    Uses of Yttrium

    • Yttrium metal is used to make alloys with aluminum and magnesium metals. Adding yttrium metal to these metals increases their strength.
    • In the past, yttrium oxide was used to make red phosphors for color televisions.
    • Garnet made of yttrium and iron (Y3Fe5O12) is used to make microwave filters for radar and microwave communication equipment.
    • Garnets (Y3Al5O12), made of yttrium and aluminum, are used in infrared lasers, in white LED lights, and as imitation diamonds in jewelry.
    • Yttrium is used as a catalyst in ethene polymerization.
    • Yttrium oxide is used in glass production, making the glass heat and shock resistant. This type of glass is used to make camera lenses.
    • Yttrium oxide is used to make super conductors.
    • Yttrium metal dissolves in both acids and bases.
    • Yttrium-90, a radioactive isotope of yttrium, is used in medicine to treat liver cancer.

    Interesting Facts about Yttrium metal

    • Yttrium is the 29th most abundant element in the Earth's crust.
    • Yttrium metal is not found in free state in nature, it is found in rare minerals and uranium ores.
    • Metals are good conductors of heat, but alloys made of yttrium, chromium and aluminum are heat resistant.
    • Yttrium metal has been found in high quantities in rocks brought from the moon.
    • It is very harmful while working on yttrium metal. If its microscopic particles and the gases coming out of it go into the breath, then it can cause serious diseases related to the throat and lungs, and it can also cause lung cancer.

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