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Monday, February 27, 2023

Aluminium | Properties | Uses | Other Details

Aluminium Properties Uses and other Details

    What is Aluminium

    Aluminium is a metal, and chemically it is an element. The atomic number of aluminum is 13 and its symbol is Al. Its atom contains 13 electrons, 13 protons and 14 neutrons. Its atomic mass is 26.9815 AMU. The melting point of aluminum is 660.37 °C, 1220.58 °F and its boiling point is 2519 °C, 4566 °F. It has a density of 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter, so aluminum is a light and strong metal by weight. Aluminum is the third most abundant element on Earth. In the periodic table, aluminum is located in group 13, period 3, and block P.

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    Aluminium Properties Uses and other Details

    Properties of Aluminium Metal

    • Aluminum is a silver-white colored metal.
    • When aluminum is exposed to oxygen, a layer of aluminum oxide forms on its surface, which helps protect aluminum from corrosion.
    • Aluminum is a very good conductor of heat and electricity, but its conductivity is less than that of copper.
    • Aluminum reacts very easily with acids and bases.
    • Aluminum is a non magnetic metal.
    • Aluminum is a light and strong metal in weight, with a density of 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter.
    • Aluminum metal can be easily machined and casted.
    • Aluminum is a malleable metal, so it can be made into very thin foil/sheet, Which is called aluminum foil.
    • Aluminum powder and iron oxide powder are burnt together, this produces a temperature of 2500 degree Celsius, it is called thermite reaction.

    Uses of Aluminium Metal

    • Aluminum is mixed with other metals to make alloys.
    • Aluminum weights are a lightweight, strong, malleable and rust-free metal. Therefore it is an ideal metal for making aeroplanes. Almost all parts and equipment in all modern aircraft today are made from aluminum and aluminum alloys. Even 50 to 90 percent of spacecraft and space shuttle parts are made from aluminum alloys.
    • Aluminum is widely used in all types of vehicles, it makes important parts like engine block, piston, air conditioner, frame, body, wheel, transmission, radiator etc. According to an estimate, about 15% of the weight of a vehicle is made of aluminum parts.
    • In the food industry, aluminum is used to make cans, containers, foils, and kitchen utensils.
    • Aluminum is used in making electric wires, electric motors and other electrical equipment. Electrical appliances made of aluminum are cheaper than electrical appliances made of copper, because it is many times cheaper than copper. Apart from this, being less in weight than copper, it is used less than copper, due to which the cost of electrical equipment made from it decreases.
    • Aluminum is used in making household items like TV, fridge, laptop, smartphone etc.
    • Aluminum is also used in making furniture, apart from this it is also used in making windows and doors.
    • Aluminum is also used to make light in weight and strong decorative items.

    Interesting facts about aluminum

    • Aluminum corrodes when it comes in contact with mercury, so mercury is prohibited on airplanes.
    • Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth.
    • Currently aluminum is being used to make low cost and high quality rechargeable batteries.
    • Aluminum can be recycled the most often of all known materials. Therefore, an estimated 75% of the total aluminum produced in the world is still being used.
    • China is the world's largest aluminum producer, more than half of the world's aluminum is produced in China.
    • The weight of aluminum is only one-third that of steel.
    • Aluminum is also found in abundance on the Moon.

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