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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Xenon Gas | Properties | Uses | Facts

Properties Uses and Facts about Xenon Gas

    What is Xenon

    Xenon is classified as a nonmetal, it is an inert gas, it is also called a noble gas. Chemically, Xenon is an element. Xenon has a density of 5.88 grams per 1000 cubic centimeters. Xenon has the symbol Xe, atomic number 54 and atomic mass 131.293 amu. Xenon's atom has 54 electrons, 54 protons, 77 neutrons and 5 energy levels. In the periodic table, zinc is located in group 18, period 5 and block (P). Xenon exists as a gas at room temperature, with a melting point of −111.79 °C (−169.22 °F), and a boiling point of −108.12 °C (−162.60 °F). ) .

    Xenon was discovered in 1898 by the Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay.
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    Properties of Xenon Gas

    • Xenon is an inert gas.
    • Xenon is a colorless and odorless gas.
    • When electricity is passed through Xenon gas, it glows with a brilliant white-blue light.
    • The light of xenon gas consists of ultraviolet radiation.

    Uses of Xenon Gas

    • Xenon gas is used to make the high speed flash of the camera.
    • Xenon gas is used for making sunbed lamps.
    • Xenon gas is used to make bactericidal lamps, which are used in food preservation.
    • Xinon gas is used in Movie Projection.
    • Xenon fog lamps are used in some vehicles.
    • Xenon lamp is used in Ruby laser.
    • Xenon Difluoride is used in the carving of silicon microprocessors.
    • Xenon-135 is used in nuclear plants for neutron absorption.
    • Xenon is used to detect radiation by bubble chamber.

    Interesting facts about the Xenon Gas

    • Xenon gas is four times heavier than air.
    • While xenon is not a completely inert gas, it forms some compounds with fluorine, oxygen, and platinum.
    • Xinon gas is found in very small quantities in the atmosphere.
    • Xinon gas is produced by distillation of liquefied air.

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