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Friday, March 10, 2023

Argon Gas | Properties | Uses | Facts

Properties Uses and Facts about Argon Gas

    What is Argon

    Argon gas is classified as a nonmetal, it is a noble gas. Argon is chemically an element. The density of argon gas is 1.784 grams per 1000 cubic centimeters. Argon has the symbol Ar, atomic number 18, and atomic mass 39.948 amu. Argon's atom has 18 electrons, 18 protons, 22 neutrons and 3 energy levels. In the Periodic Table, Argon is located in Group 18, Period 3 and Block (P). Argon is found in gaseous state at normal temperature. Its melting point is -189.3 °C (-308.74 °F). At temperatures lower than this, this gas is found in solid state, its boiling point is -185.85 °C (-302.53 °F).

    Argon was discovered in 1894 by Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay.
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    Properties of Argon Gas

    • Argon is a colorless and odorless gas.
    • Argon is a chemically inert gas.
    • Argon gas is equally soluble in water as oxygen, and it is two and a half times more soluble in water than nitrogen gas.
    • Argon gas is not a good conductor of heat as compared to ordinary air.
    • When a high voltage current is passed through argon gas, it glows in violet light.
    • Argon gas combines with hydrogen and fluorine under special laboratory conditions to form a compound called argon fluorohydrite (HArF). This compound remains stable at temperatures below minus 256 degrees Celsius, at temperatures higher than this the compound decomposes, due to which it has no other use except for scientific research in the laboratory.

    Uses of Argon Gas

    • Argon gas is used to create an inert atmosphere.
    • Argon gas is used in the production of titanium metal.
    • Argon gas is used during welding to protect the welded joint from oxygen.
    • Argon gas is used in filament bulb.
    • Argon gas is used in tubelight along with mercury vapor.
    • Argon gas is filled in the tires of luxury cars.
    • Argon gas is used in dating of groundwater.
    • Argon is used in argon laser and argon dye laser.
    • Argon dye laser is used in eye surgery.

    Interesting facts about the Argon Gas

    • Argon is the third most abundant gas in the atmosphere.
    • Argon gas is produced by the decomposition of radioactive potassium-40 and calcium-40 present in the earth's crust, which is the main source of argon gas present in the atmosphere.
    • About 0.94% argon gas is present in the atmosphere.
    • Argon gas is commercially produced by distillation of liquid air.
    • Of all the noble gases, argon is the cheapest commercially, because this gas is present in sufficient quantity in the atmosphere, so it can be produced easily as compared to other noble gases.
    • 1.4 percent argon gas is found in the atmosphere of Mars.

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